Introduction to health and safety

QHSE at Nostrum focuses on improving the management and mitigation of risks relating to health, safety and the environment, and preventing any injury or ill health to employees. QHSE management is a priority to Nostrum as it is key to the sustainability and success of our business and therefore we constantly seek to develop programmes to improve our QHSE standards. The new health and safety measures given below reflect our e orts to improve QHSE reporting standards.

Health and safety 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Number of
man hours without loss of working hours in 2016 (millions)

1.66 1.83 1.89 1.91 1.71

QHSE reporting

Nostrum has developed a simple system for employees to report hazards and unsafe behaviour to management. Reporting forms are available to all employees, in Kazakh, Russian and English, and also encourage feedback on how Nostrum should continue to improve its QHSE practices. This is being launched in 2017 and will allow for data to be collected centrally and for follow-up action to be coordinated more e ciently.

2017 targets and campaigns

We constantly aim to minimise accidents and injuries as a result of Nostrum’s operations and in 2017 will target lost time injury frequency of less than 0.18 and total recordable injuries of less than 2.00. We will also be developing a QHSE leadership programme, allowing senior executives to demonstrate their leadership, support and commitment to QHSE aspects. We aim to hold 20 QHSE leadership tours in 2017. These are inspections of the facilities made by groups of senior management, demonstrating their commitment to QHSE standards and aiming to establish a two-way communication between management and the workforce. In addition, we will seek to review contractor QHSE processes and procedures, with specific focus to be given to contract control, competence and performance monitoring. We aim to hold ten QHSE Contractors Audits over the course of the year.