Products and Processes


Commercial crude oil production started in 2007 in the Chinarevskoye field. It carries a high quality grade with its low density (average API gravity of 40-41.5˚) and low sulphur content (approximately 0.4%). Primary benchmark crude oils produced in Kazakhstan include Urals blend (approximately 33˚ API with 1.25% sulphur content), CPC Blend (approximately 42-43˚ API with 0.5-0.6% sulphur content) and Brent (approximately 38˚ API with 0.4% sulphur content).

Commercial production of Gas Treatment Facility (GTF) products (stabilised condensate, LPG and dry gas) started in 2011 and completes the Nostrum Oil & Gas product offering, in line with its liquids strategy.

The production, marketing and transportation of crude oil, stabilised condensate and LPG are closely monitored and controlled by Nostrum Oil & Gas and also make up the largest portion of its revenues.

The commercial production of dry gas in 2011, on the other hand, adds significant benefits for Nostrum Oil & Gas such as the easy offtake and monetisation of significant volumes of dry gas through easy pipeline logistics, the generation of its own power supply and the socially responsible partially sponsored supply of dry gas to neighbouring communities.

Fully integrated Production System