Hydrocarbon assets of Nostrum Oil & Gas are located in north-western Kazakhstan in the northern part of the pre-Caspian basin. The Chinarevskoye field is currently the main producing asset of Nostrum Oil & Gas. Other assets include the Rostoshinskoye field, the Darzhinskoye field, and the Yuzhno-Gremyachenskoye field. These are all located in the vicinity of the Chinarevskoye field, offering the advantage of direct operational synergies.

The Chinarevskoye field is a multi-formation structure made up of 10 reservoirs with a total of 44 segments spread over three areas: Western Area (16 segments), North(east)ern Area (24 segments) and the Southern Area (4 segments). It has tested hydrocarbons at significant rates from:

(i) the Lower Permian horizons at 2,700 m to 2,900 m, represented by limestone and dolomitic limestone;

(ii) limestone of the Lower Carboniferous Tournaisian formation at approximately 4,200 m to 4,900 m depth with a gross thickness of about 200m;

(iii) the middle Devonian Givetian horizons at approximately 4,800 - 5,000 m depth, represented by sandstone with carbonate cement; and

(iv) the middle Devonian Biski and Afoninski formations at a depth of approximately 4,850 - 5,000 m with a gross thickness of 200 m and represented by limestone and dolomitic limestone.

Oil was found in the Lower Permian, Tournaisian and Givetian (Mullinski) reservoirs. Gas condensate was found in the Tournaisian and Biski, Afoninski and Givetian (Ardatovski) reservoirs.