Gallery: Train 2

The GTF has two identical “trains” (i.e. processing lines) where a group of processes are combined to remove acids, dehydrate the gas and separate the fluids into sweet and dry natural gas, LPG and stable condensate (liquid). Stable condensate has a higher value than crude or natural gas. To remove the acids from the gas (this is to “sweeten” the gas) amines are used. They are chemical components that remove acid sulphur components from the gases and they can be recycled in the amine regeneration unit.


6JULY2010_Train2.JPG18AUGTrain1Train2.JPG24AUGTrain2.JPG18AUGTrainStabilization.JPG18AUGTrain2Incinerator.JPG10AUGTrain2.JPG26OctoberTrain2.JPG9SEPTrain2Incinerator.JPG9SEPTrain2.JPGAir X Changer train 2.jpegTrain 2_A_1 JUNE 2010.jpegTrain 2_B_1 JUNE 2010.jpegTrain 2A_16_MARCH_2010.jpegTrain-2_2_MARCH_2010.jpegTrain2_4 MAY 2010.jpegtrain2_27 APRIL 2010.jpegTrain 2_A_1 JUNE 2010.jpegTrain 2_30 MARCH 2010.jpegTrain 2_25 MAY 2010.jpegP1242_22-11-09 - Train 1  2.jpegP1325_22-11-09 - View to train 1  2.jpegP131701_22-11-09 - Deethanizer and Debuthanizer Train 2.jpegP191109_13.47_02 - View to train 2 from main pipe rack.jpegTrain 1 - 2 1.jpegTrain 1 - 2.jpegTRAIN 2 B_30 MARCH 2010_power generation unit.jpegTrain 2_8 JUNE 2010.jpegTrain 2_12 MAY 2010.jpegTrain 2_16_MARCH_2010.jpegTrain 2_23 MARCH 2010.jpegTrain2_29JUNE2010.JPG