Gallery: Slug catcher

Here the associated gas coming from the Oil Treatment Unit (OTU) together with the condensate & gas from the condensate wells enters the Gas Treatment Facility (GTF) and gaseous fractions are separated from the liquid fractions. Under the influence of gravity liquids will tend to settle on the bottom, while the gasses occupy the top section of the vessel.


10AUGSlugCatcher.JPG26OctoberSlug.JPG3AUG2010SlugCatcher.JPGSlug Catcher_1 JUNE 2010.jpegSlug catcher_4 MAY 2010.jpegSlug catcher_12_MAY_2010.jpegSlug catcher_13_MARCH_2010.jpegSlug catcher_16_MARCH_2010.jpegSlug catcher_23 MARCH 2010.jpegSlug catcher_25 MAY 2010.jpegSlug_catcher_27 APRIL 2010.jpeg