Gallery: Main pipe rack

The main pipe rack is the central transportation system of the Gas Treatment Facility (GTF). Through the pipes all liquids and gases are transported to and from the different processes.


6JULY2010_MPR.JPG6JULY2010_MPRB.JPG18AUG_PipeRackswithCableTrays.JPG24AUGMPR01.JPG26OctoberMainPipeRack.JPG9SEPPipeBuildings.JPG9SEPMPR01.JPG27JULYPiperack.JPGCIMG0819.jpegMain pipe rack and pipe rack_30 MARCH 2010.jpegMain pipe rack D_30 MARCH 2010.jpegMain pipe rack.jpegMain pipe rack_1 JUNE 2010.jpegMain pipe rack_4 MAY 2010.jpegMain Pipe Rack_8 JUNE 2010.jpegMain pipe rack_15 JUNE 2010.JPGMPR_29JUNE2010.JPGMain pipe rack_12 APRIL 2010.jpegWork on the pipe rack COM-13.jpegView over the pipe racks MPR-01  PR-COM-13.jpegMain pipe rack_12 MAY 2010.jpegMain pipe rack_16_MARCH_1010.jpegMain pipe rack_23 MARCH 2010.jpegMain pipe rack_25 MAY 2010.jpegMain pipe rack_30 MARCH 2010.jpegMain_pipe rack1_27 APRIL 2010.jpegMPR01_2_MARCH_2010.jpegP191109_13.47 - Installation of main pipe rack and pipe rack compressor area.jpegView from SRU TOP to the pipe racks MPR-01 COM-05 COM-13.jpegView from SRU TOP to the water treatment and pipe rack FL-10.jpegView of pipe  rack COM-13.jpeg