Gallery: Flare stack

The Gas Treatment Facility (GTF) also has a gas flare stack to protect the pipes and groups from the GTF from over-pressuring de to unplanned upsets. As such this flare is nothing else than a safety device. It can be compared with the spout on a tea kettle when it starts whistling as the water starts boiling. In case of overpressure in the GTF, the pressure is automatically routed through pipes to the flare stack where it is burned. This is only done exceptionally in case of emergency to avoid damages to the GTF and its employees.


6JULY2010_Flare.JPG26OctoberFlare.JPGFlare_8_JUNE_2010.jpgFlare_28 MAY 2010.jpgFlare_13_MARCH_2010.jpgFlare_ 4 MAY 2010.jpgFlare_22JUNE2010.JPGFlare_15JUNE2010.JPG