Gallery: Compressor C104 and C105

Compressors are used at different positions in the GTF. They are needed because certain processes require different pressures in consecutive stages. The high capacity compressors are directly driven by gas engines using gas produced on site. 1. Inlet Compressors The inlet compressor C101 boosts associated gas pressure to desired level (64 bar) for complex processing and gas cleaning. The inlet compressors C103 & C104 boosts gas pressure from gas and condensate wells to desired level (64 bar) for complex processing and gas cleaning 2. Compressor C105 The stabilizer overhead compressor C105 boosts gas pressure after stabilization to 40 bar at the inlet of compressors C103 & C104. 3. Compressors C1131 & C2131 The overhead compressors C1131 & C2131 boosts gas pressure after outlet from complex cleaning to desired level for further transportation and sale.


6JULY2010_CompC104C105.JPG24AUGCompressorBuildings.JPG26OctoberCompr.JPG15SEPC105106.JPGInstalled compressors.jpegCompressorC1004C105_16_MARCH_2010.jpegCompressorC104C105_12_MAY_2010.jpegCompressor C104C105_27 APRIL 2010.jpegComp. C-104C-105_1 JUNE 2010.jpegCompressor C104C105_4 MAY 2010.jpegCompressor C104C105_8 JUNE 2010.jpegCompressor C104C105_13 MARCH 2010.jpegCompressor C104C105_23 MARCH 2010.jpegCompressor C104C105_25 MAY 2010.jpegComprC104C105_29JUNE2010.JPGCompressor_buildingC104C10522JUNE2010.JPG