Gallery: Apartment building for citizens of Rozhkovo

The village of Rozhkovo, with a population of approximately 300 residents, was formerly situated within the exploration zone of the Chinarevskoye Field. In order to successfully pursue its drilling and exploration activities in the licence area and to carry out activities in compliance with environmental law, Nostrum Oil & Gas needed to relocate the residents of the village of Rozhkovo to new housing. 

After a series of consultations with the residents of Rozhkovo in 2006, the residents of the village unanimously approved the terms of the relocation programme (the “Resettlement Action Plan”). Nostrum Oil & Gas also obtained permission from the administrative body of western Kazakhstan in December 2006 regarding the relocation programme. In addition to complying with all applicable legislation, Nostrum Oil & Gas obtained additional expert advice so as to conduct the resettlement according to standards for such activities established by the EBRD.

The resettlement plan was finalised in July 2009. Most families relocated to an apartment building in Uralsk that the company constructed, while other families relocated to other housing. Demolition of the village and restoration of the land in its initial condition in an environmentally responsible way is ongoing. The relocation committee of Nostrum Oil & Gas continues to assist residents with post-relocation needs on an individual basis.