Our Approach to Business

Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is based on our commitment to make
a positive long-term impact on all our stakeholders through our business activities.

We place public interest at the core of our business decision-making process, and through our operations, the Board and management team have developed a thorough understanding of and strong commitment to Kazakhstan.

Our continuing development as a successful and sustainable E&P company has created economic growth and increased our presence in both the local and regional communities.

The sustainability of our business is made possible through the active and ethical management of our people, our community and the environment.

2016 - Special Award by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) – Nostrum was awarded the KASE Drive for Transparency annual prize at the Invest Show 2016 in Almaty. The prize was awarded to Nostrum for its transparency record and commitment to all its stakeholders.

Kai-Uwe Kessel, CEO of Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC commented: “At Nostrum we strive to be a responsible and transparent business as we believe this is core to the long-term success of the Company. We are thrilled that KASE has recognised Nostrum’s commitment in this area, and look forward to continuing to operate with transparency for all of our stakeholders and with each of the stock exchanges on which Nostrum is listed."

The award was collected by Kalamkas Shakenova, Nostrum’s Director of Services, Central Asia.


2013 - First Prize in Kazakhstan’s Environmental Protection Contest – highlighting Nostrum’s strong environmental protection record, ambitious social development programme and dedication to community-building.

2013 - Special Award by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) for Zhaikmunai LLP’s highlighting transparency record and commitment to all its stakeholders.

Arnat Abzhanov, Member of the Management Board, JSC Halyk Finance, commented: “Companies who are listed on more than one stock exchange are faced with different and sometimes conflicting reporting requirements. The KASE award demonstrates that Zhaikmunai LLP manages these challenges efficiently every day and is fully committed to all of its security holders.”

Key facts and figures - 2017

  • Total number of training days: 12,956
  • Increase in liquidation fund deposit : US$683,000
  • GHG emission intensity ratio : 17,821 (tCO2e)